About Us

Who are we

HR Outsourcing Solution is a fully registered, private limited company providing Human Resources Management Consultancy and Business Process Outsourcing Services that form the basic building blocks required for implementing better Human Resources Practices and Business Management.

We work closely with our customers to ensure that the services and products provided to our customers get good value for their money.

At HR Outsourcing Solutions, We have created and embraced a culture of trust, confidence & openness.

Our achievements in areas and clients we are operating from/ with are a result of our continuous endeavors to combine team work, talent, quality and values.

Mission Statement

Provision of transparent platform for Human resource and deliver unequalled services.

Vision statement

To earn and maintain our clients’ trust by convincing them that their goals are our goals, and by delivering services that exceed industry standards and customer expectations. We also will meet client’s needs, create solutions, cost-value and effectiveness in every measurable way.

Core Values

The Companies Success has been attributed to the following core Values: Customer satisfaction, Effi ciency & Reliability, Team work & Pursuing Excellence.

Customer satisfaction

We ensure that the service to our customers get good value for their money.

Efficiency & Reliability

We have created and embraced a culture of trust, confidence & openness.

Team work

Our employees complement each other’s strengths by working in collaboration with one another. Our work process ensures that there is coordination with all departments in order to maximize productivity and effi ciency. Pursuing Excellence Our customer relationship management system helps us achieve world-class performance.

Our Strengths & Successes

HR Outsourcing Solutions Ltd optimizes opportunities by putting its finger only on the essential elements of your business. Hitting the bull’s eye every time, it is the secret to our success, which differentiates us from our competitors. Taking your company to dizzying heights is our Unique Value Proposition. We are unique because:

  • We support businesses through our Quality Deliverance.
  • We value your relationships and sustain them assiduously.
  • We have a team of hardcore professionals who can trigger desired solutions.
  • Success is the only yardstick by which we measure our achievement.