In our Domain of Human Resources Management, we provide the following services below:

Human Resources Services

Human Resource Planning

HR Outsourcing Solutions will work closely with the Customer to plan for the organizations human resources which involves the following tasks:

  1. Manage the different HR Process that will govern the HR activities within the organization.
  2. Establish, organize and streamline the HR activities.
  3. Work closely with the customer/ organization to implement Management systems for successful full work flow.
  4. Liaise with the customer to forecast demand for labor, periodically.

Recruitment & Selection

For whatever job requirement and whatever level of Man power (Skilled and unskilled) we source, identify, screen, verify and recruit potential candidates as per our client’s needs. This process is done with full transparency. Our methodology Includes:

  • Initial Briefing by the client  Candidates screening through CV reviews in liaison with the client.
  • Identification and selection of potential candidates (short listing)
  • Analysis of selected and ranked potential candidates CV’s
  • Verification of candidate’s documents and references.
  • Upon completion the successful candidates are issued with contracts in concurrence with the client.

Staff Management

HR Outsourcing Solutions earns client appreciation with smooth operating and efficient staff organization that relies on strong management systems.

We manage for our customers/ clients both Permanent and temporary Staff at all levels of the organization. This process includes:

  • Operational Plans
  • Time Management
  • Supervision
  • Conflict Resolution and Discipline
  • Payroll Administration
  • Overtime/ Leave
  • Management of relations with Labor Unions and Statutory Agencies

Performance Management

We will help our client to measure their organizational strategic objectives with their operational objectives in implementing Performance Management Programs through:

  1. Performance Management Method identification
  2. Purpose
  3. Rights and responsibilities
  4. Applying the Performance Management program Phases
  5. Defining the rate.

Compensation and Benefits

HR Outsourcing Solutions will liaise with the client to reach the most suitable wage structure that is compliant with the wage curve, pay grades and rates thus helping the client achieve the following:

  1. Remain competitive in the labor Market.
  2. Reward to employees for past and present performances.
  3. Enable employee performances are in line with the companies/organizations goals.

Training and Development

HR Outsourcing solutions Ltd will work with the customer to implement phases of this service eg: In areas like Customer Service, Managerial and Safety Training (HEALTH SAFETY SECURITY AND ENVIROMENT).

HSSE (Health Safety Security and Environment)

HSSE is considered paramount at HR Outsourcing Solutions Ltd, we ensure that all our staff are working in a good Environment and are catered for in healthy work conditions, safe Work area, Secure Location and Environmentally friendly wear depending on the work environment.

Oil and gas

With our partner consultants and able team we can provide suitable talent for your requirement (Head hunting or mass mobilization).

BPO, (Business Process Outsourcing)

we understand this changing need of customers, and our aim is to delight you through a combination of operational and advisory excellence, industry expertise and transformation capabilities. The operational excellence comes from our experience of partnering with multiple local clients and consultants over the years, and the industry expertise is based on our focus in select industry verticals. The transformation journey is powered by our investment in intelligent business platforms and analytics that lead to predictive modeling thereby ensuring right business outcomes. Our focus is to work with you to achieve your business goals, and partner for the next level of improvements in order to attain competitive advantage. With our treasured partners the following are some of the services rendered:

Procurement Outsourcing

With Our Partners we help our clients benefit from experienced procurement specialists and support, therefore an available solution for our clients who have no internal competencies but want to quickly benefit from procurement action ie: Supplier sourcing, Cost

management, and contract management. This process is as follows:

  1. Direct Procurement- raw materials : Agricultural Input
  2. Indirect Procurement- other goods and Services.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing

We provide a number of reliable services in this field ie Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxation and Payroll processing.

Brand Communication, Experiential Marketing, Events and Promotions

With our experienced partners we create innovative and market driven concepts to promote Create awareness and create sales for any product.

call center staff

virtual assistants services

Other Services and Products

  1. Company Uniforms and Promotional Items.
  2. Cleaning Services (Janitorial, Pest control and compound maintenance).
  3. Staff Canteen Services.
  4. Marketing Consultants
  5. Work permit and visa handling services.

Our Charges

Our Consultancy services and Others charges are very competitive as per the trending market prices and can also be tailor made to suite your requirement.


We are confident that we can deliver the best service locally available and will in turn be proud to be associated with your company.